We build SaaS software & deliver communication systems.


Software-as-a-Service is one of our specialisms. We build everything and charge our customers a monthly fee, indirectly and directly.

ContactForm.is and BookingApp.net are both of our current SaaS products.


Networked Systems

Our skill sets were born from networking in the ISP and Data Centre world. We have outdoor wireless skills in addition to modern CCTV and data processing.


Local Government

Because we understand the breadths and depths of IT systems, we offer consultancy & delivery of systems services to local government.


Idea to Product

We work on recurring revenue products that deliver value. Such as billing platforms and SaaS products to industry specialisms.

Simple Security

We have partnerships in place with organisations like Tether, Hikvision & Cambium Networks, so that we can deliver entire solutions encompassing custom software, and off-the-shelf control systems and data input devices like CCTV cameras.

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About PacketPipe

PacketPipe was founded in July 2019 specifically towards services such as software development and delivering education services.

We have full system design, build, deploy and operate skills covering custom software (front-end and back-end) and IP networking from simple to complex.

PacketPipe is organically funded and is currently investing into SaaS platforms for various trades.

For the PacketPipe brand, this is the second incantation. We like the name and acquired the artwork and all of their domains. All of this information is freely available on Companies House.